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Re: M\

From:John Quijada <jq_ithkuil@...>
Date:Monday, July 19, 2004, 20:06
Peter Bleackley wrote:

>Has anybody got a sound file containing a velar approximant, that I can use >for reference?
_____________________________ Ithkuil uses M\ as an off-glide in falling diphthongs, its romanized spelling being -ï. The sound does not occur in syllable-initial position or intervocalically. The Ithkuil online Grammar has mp3 sound files featuring this sound in the Phonology chapter. There are also sound files of sentences containing words with this sound at the following locations of the Ithkuil website: Introduction - 5th example; Section 5.3.7 - last example; Section 8.1.5 - first example. The Ithkuil Grammar website is at --John Quijada