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Re: THEORY: on the teleology of conlanging (was: RE: terminaldialect?)

From:Joshua Shinavier <ajshinav@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 30, 1999, 10:04
> Joshua Shinavier wrote: > > initial r's are pronounced [hr] and r's which precede stops (any stops, not > > only voiceless ones) and nasals are devoiced (e.g. karn [k&rn] -- is there > > an ASCII IPA symbol for a devoiced [r]?) > > The symbol is just the voiceless diacritic, in most SAMPA, [_0] under > the [r], thus [r_0] ([r] with a circle underneath in regular IPA). > > That said, that's an improbable environment. If it were preceding > VOICELESS stops, that would be likely, but for a voiced sound to become > devoiced when adjacent to other VOICED sounds is unlikely. [Kurt] --> > [k&r_0t] is reasonable, but [k&rn] --> [k&r_0n] is extremely > improbable. [k&tra] --> [k&tr_0a] is also probable, since there it > follows a voiceless sound.
Well, I imagine this as a pretty backwards rural dialect, so the improbable just might happen :) In Aroven clusters like -rn are usually followed by a vowel, which makes the /r/ a lot easier to de-voice. It actually sounds kind of neat, though, if not especially beautiful. Personally I think glo'al stops in the middle of words are weirder. Josh