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Re: Humans & Humanoids [WAS: Back!]

From:Nik Taylor <fortytwo@...>
Date:Wednesday, July 21, 1999, 23:57
Jim Grossmann wrote:
> Tens of thousands of years in the future, human languages will have no > discernable relationship to ours; you can make anything up you want about > them.
As with Tom Wier's Phaleran, spoken in the distant future on a far-away world.
> Our understanding of evolution is incomplete; our current speculations > about extraterrestrials are wrong. Just as the echidna (monotreme) can > resemble a hedgehog (placental), aliens could resemble US.
Or just plain wrong, and God really likes the humanoid form. :-) Or how about parallel evolution - long ago, aliens took hominids and scattered them about the universe.
> Maybe we should add something to the conlang code about degree of conculture > development?
Or perhaps a supplementary conculture code? Possible items would be: Speakers (human, humanoid, related to humans, fantasy beings [elves, etc.], totally alien) With perhaps a marker for how they're connected to us if human/related to human, such as secret/unknown culture, alternate history, humans/pre-humans transplanted in ancient past, humans in ancient past/future Degree of development (rough sketch - an elaborate universe) Base (consciously based on a human culture, loosely based on one or more cultures, no intentional base (but accidental or unconscious similarities may exist), intentionally as alien as possible) Religion (unknown, vague, fairly well-developed, well-developed, con-scripture exists) Any other ideas? -- "[H]e axed after eggys: And the goode wyf answerde, that she coude not speke no Frenshe ... And then at last a nother sayd that he woulde haue hadde eyren: then the goode wyf sayd that she vnderstood hym wel." -- William Caxton ICQ: 18656696 AIM Screen-Name: NikTailor