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Re: Humans & Humanoids [WAS: Back!]

From:Daniel Andreasson <daniel_noldo@...>
Date:Thursday, July 22, 1999, 6:51
Jim Grossmann <steven@...> wrote:

> >70,000 years ago, a mysterious tribe LIVED. With tens of thousands
> >years of prehistory, why not just write a conlang for cave people?
Herman Miller replied:
> Strangely enough, I had a language for cave elves (Kaltani / "Ancient > Elvish"), but none for ancient humans (unless you count the Kobolds,
> are distant relatives of humans).
About a year ago I was asked by a friend to make up a language for cave people. It was intended to be spoken at a live role playing game (LRPG) set in the Stone Age. Unfortunately the LRPG was cancelled which led to the lang being called off too. I do remember, however, some of the phonology. There were only back vowels and consonants produced in the back of the mouth (velar, uvular, pharyngeal and glottal. Exception: bilabial). There were only stops and fricatives. No nasals or approximants. Syllables were CV. It was a very stereotypical language but still kinda fun to make up rules for a Mickey-Mouse-being-sent-back-in-time-to-the-stone-age-language. :) And it was a little more than just "uga buga buga buga uga". Though not much... ;) Daniel Andreasson