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Re: A Conlang by the group: parts of speech

From:Mathias M. Lassailly <lassailly@...>
Date:Sunday, October 11, 1998, 10:50
Like in Japanese, I won't need pre/postpositions to speak our conlang ;-)

Let me give you examples that may show it's easy (tags all are suffixes, but I'd
prefer cases in front) with just nouns and verbs in suspensive ord adverbal
forms :

me-TOP wood-UNERG go_through-PRED-SUSP/ADV house-DIR go_to-PRED

'I go to the house via the wood'

me-UNERG-TOP door-GEN-MOD front-SITU stay-PRED

'I stay by the front of the door'

The only needed 'prepositions' are SITUATIVE and LATIVE case tags, except if there
are already SITUATIVE and LATIVE VERBS :

me-UNERG door-ATTR-MOD front-PAT to_stand_by-PRED-SUSP/ADV stay-PRED

'I stay at the front of the door'

Then I don't even need these SITUATIVE and LATIVE cases ;-)

That's why I don't care very much about pre/pospositons : I don't hold them for
different from cases.


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