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Re: CHAT: America's unfolding history

From:And Rosta <a.rosta@...>
Date:Saturday, September 15, 2001, 3:09
> From: David Bell > > > -----Original Message----- > > From: And Rosta > > > > He's only 15 years old. I wrote an angry reply too, but slept on it > > & decided not to send & was glad I hadn't when I found out his age; > > fifteen is when one is at one's crassest. > > I have come to know James somewhat through off-list conversations. In fact, > it was I who invited him to this forum. I have always found him to be a > bright young man and a very competent conlanger. I also remember being a > fiery-eyed young 15 year old. No injustice escaped my wrath. Age tends to > gray more than your hair as what was once viewed with the clarity of a black > and white image begins to fade. This need not be pursued here. > > Politics aside, James is a skillful conlanger worth watching. In this forum > he should be judged by these skills alone.
I would rather judge conlangs by their skillful conlanging and judge people by their decency and other human virtues. That said, James's messages do show him to be a pretty decent sort of chap. As James said, his offending message was not impeccably expressed and was not expressed in an appropriate forum, and as I said (implicitly), you learn that sort of discretion from experience and at fifteen one hasn't yet had sufficient experience (tho of course James now has!). (Me not wishing to sound preachy, mind, what with me being contender for world champion at benign and inadvertent causing of offence.) --And.