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CHAT: America's unfolding history

From:O'Connell James <jamestomas2@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 12, 2001, 19:30
I would like to pass on my condolences to those on the
list who may have been made distraught, worried about
relatives, or injured by the attacks on New York and

However, my heart also goes out at this time to
members of the muslim community and to inhabitants of
Middle-Eastern nations, such as Afghanistan.
Unfortunately I fear that America, led by maybe the
person most feared in England, President Bush, will
launch swift, unjustified and unfocused retalliations
against any of its enemies that it suspects -
undoubtly killing thousands maybe millions more
civilians. This act I cannot condone any more that the
original attacks on America.
I think it is also wise to note the trap that America
may be on the verge of falling into. Having studied
vast swathes of history and being well-versed in the
military of nations throughout the ages, I too feel
strongly about this. America, and the western
civilisation has always treated other cultures that do
not agree with ours with total contempt and has never
hesistated to kill civilians in other parts of the
worlds. Indeed the actions of the American troops in
Vietnam, especially at the Mylai Massacre was just as
bad as the activities of the Nazis - and yet those
soldiers got away scot free. It is this total
unfairness, and the arrogance of western civilisation
that has promted this tragedy. And if America reacts
quickly without thinking, it will yet again increase
the hatred against it throughout much of the world.
Be careful America - your next choice could determine
the entire future of the World - choose wisely.


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