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Re: TECH (?) question: diacritics

From:Michael Poxon <mike@...>
Date:Sunday, November 4, 2007, 23:09
I'm pretty sure there are no a's with double acute in Hungarian, though it
does have both o and u with double acute. First thought is that some
existing Greek character with accent marking could be pressed into service.
"Insert special character" will only work with characters that already
exist. It's not possible to construct these on the fly, unless you make your
own font and use that. You could create the letter as a very small graphic
and use that, but these tend to look a bit clunky.
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Sent: Sunday, November 04, 2007 9:43 PM
Subject: TECH (?) question: diacritics

1. is there a precomposed char. for ä (a umlaut) with acute accent?
2. If not, is there some way to do this (in typing, using "insert spec.
char") ? While we're at it, how would one do it it html??  I managed this
once, but have forgotten how.........
(I use a PC, OO Writer, Thryomanes font).

3. failing that, is there a precomposed char. for _a_ plus double acute, or
some way to do it (in typing, again)? I thought Hungarian used this, but in
my Thryomanes font I find only a with double _grave_, whch I could be
pressed into service. In fact, why not use the grave for stress, instead of
acute?? 6 of one........

The problem arises occasionally in MNCL Prevli. Of course I could cite the
form in IPA along with the written form, since Prevli speakers know where
the accent goes; it's just us outlanders who need to know.............

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