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Heyas all!

From:Trace Erin Kern <tracefox@...>
Date:Thursday, March 25, 1999, 8:59
Hello folks! Just thought I'd say hi since I'm new to the list.

I found this list during a search online and decided to subscribe because
it might help me out.
I am an amateur writer, I write sci-fi/fantasy stories. For my stories I
have 'created' several alien species. I heard that one of the things
discussed on this list is 'created' languages for fictional species.

Another thing this list might help me with is a joint programming project
I and a friend are working on. I had the idea a while back to work with
him in creating a computer program that took an existing
dictionary/language file and allowed you to generate a new language, as
well as translation.

I thought I'd toss that idea out here to see if anyone has allready done
this, or if anyone might have some basic ideas of how to bring it about.
Basically we're looking to create a program that will let you specify the
base phonetic sounds for your new language, then somehow generate a
translated 'language file/dictonary' using those phonetics as a seed.

Any ideas folks?

Trace Erin Kern -
~Hah'Rooqh Tah'Khrine, Eayl Noh'Tahl~
~May you go in peace, all your journey~

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