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' Khaerakh '

From:Nicolas Walker <bitemeagain_walker@...>
Date:Thursday, January 27, 2005, 15:10
To anybody that may be able to advise,

here is my attempt at relating L1 and L2 via the "Proto" word ‘khaerakh’.
PLEASE be critical - I would like to know firstly whether the proposed
changes in pronunciation and orthography are 'O.K.' (i.e. likely or
linguistically sound) and secondly, if the relationship proposed is

NB: 'khaerakh' has (as yet) no meaning. It is a random word in which to
enact the 'rules' numbered below.

LANG 1: Qalak

Proto-Archipelagic     khaerakh   /Ga.eraG/

Ancient Qalak           kha(e)rakh   /G{:raX/

Old Qalak   kharakh          /Xa:rX/

Middle Qalak   khârak   /xa:rax/

Modern Qalak   hârak   /harx/

1. P.A. * [G]/_#  >  An. Q. [X] > Mid. Q. [x]
2. P.A. * [G]/#_ >  O. Q.   [X] > Mid. Q. [x] >
 Mo. Q [h]
3. P.A. * [a]/_e > An.Q.  [{:] > O. Q.     [a:] >
 Mo. Q [a]
4. Mid. Q. [r(trilled)] > Mod. Q. [r(n.trilled)]

LANG 2: Feamordh

Proto-Archipelagic     khaerakh   /Ga.eraG/

Early Insular Qalak  khaerakh   /G{:raX/

Late Insular Qalak  khaerakh  /g{:ra(x)/

Early Feamordh          khaera   /gaIra/

Middle Feamordh          khaera   /gaIr@/

Post-Occupational F.  gaer   /gaIr/

Modern Feamordh          cêar   /ke:r/

1. P.A. * [G]/_# > E.I.Q. [X] > L.I.Q.  (E.F.) [Ø]
2. P.A. * [G]/#_ >  L.I.Q. [g] > Mod. F. [k]
3. P.A. * [a]/_e > E.I.Q. [{:] > E.F. [aI]
 >  M.F. [e:]
4. E.F. [a]/_# > Mid.F. [@] > P.O.F. [Ø]


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