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background (was Re: Translation Project! (was Re: Let the hammerfall!))

From:Robert Hailman <robert@...>
Date:Monday, January 22, 2001, 21:18
Dennis Paul Himes wrote:
> > Eruanno none <eruanno@...> > > I would like some background on everyone's language, like who would have > > used it? Where? and When? > > > > Just interested ^_^
Hmm - the was the Ethnologue, but there isn't an Ajuk entry in it - though I am working on one. Thing is, I keep changing whats in it already before I get a chance to finish it - and it's only a few sentances. Pretty sad, I know. Anyways, Ajuk is spoken by the Ajukkians (that's their English name - in Ajuk it's "Ajuki Omas"), of which there are around 100,000, all living on Ajuki Sal, an island about 1/3 the size of Iceland (and of similar terrain) in the north Pacific a bit south of Iceland. They actually originally lived on Iceland, but fled when the Vikings got there around 850AD. Anyways, they're humans and all, and the language is going strong on Ajuki Sal to date. -- Robert