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Re: background (was Re: Translation Project! (was Re: Let the hammerfall!))

From:Luís Henrique <luisb@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 23, 2001, 20:29
On Mon, 22 Jan 2001 23:08:13 EST, Elliott Lash <AL260@...> wrote:

>ániyë Eruanno none: > I would like some background on everyone's language, like who would have
used it? Where? and When?
The Banin are the dominant culture in a parallel world (could be something like the Hiborian Era, or an alternate universe - the astronomical figures are the same as Earth's, but geological formation is different). They have matriarcal and feudal societies (12 kingdoms and some two dozens minor independent political units, as city states and lower ranking nobiliarchic dominions). Their predominant religion is a monotheistic cult of the Goddess. Their technology corresponds roughly to that of 1300' Earth, somewhat more advanced in optical and glass techniques (they do know how to make magnifying glasses). They do not know gunpowder. In exchange, they have developed spider-silk farming, which gives them uncomparable light armours. And they know and use vegetals that are highly efficient contraceptives. Luís Henrique