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No Email

From:Abrigon Gusiq <abrigon@...>
Date:Saturday, July 20, 2002, 18:54
Remember conlang is two lists, one that is via and the other
via yahoogroups. So you maybe on yahoo as noemail, but not on

Reminds me, I need to set the one for me to no email. Getting
double the fun..

I believe it is send an email to

and in the body of the email put

set conlang noemail

Check out for more info.

Delete any signature comments at the bottom of your post to the
listserv, they mostly will be ignored, but sometimes wierd messages come
back (Grin).

On the yahoogroup, you need to go to

I believe, and set it to noemail or digest where it askes for Message

Been on the net to long. Starting to mutate into an AI.

Message: 21
   Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2002 20:55:16 -0700
   From: Clint Jackson Baker <litrex1@...>
Subject: How the #*%&(  do you set for NO-Mail?

My profile is currently set for no-mail but I'm still
getting mail.  Someone *please* tell me what to do!




Irina Rempt <irina@...>