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Need no-mail setting too. (A translation follows.)

From:Keenan <makeenan@...>
Date:Saturday, July 20, 2002, 13:30
Hello to all!

I need to learn also, how not to receive mail. Can someone tell how to
do this?

Last year, when I returned from Starwood, I had too much mail.




Xto ud dhy!
(salutations to all)
Yag ga thioo yg, hi vau bu ciau. Dhau yaf aezh ze?
( I need learn also, how not receive mail. One can tell method)?
Cwoo auth, ru yag chw ve Staruwd, Ha aut iof bia.
(Last year, when I return from Starwood, there-is too much mail)
Yag aer nw
( I thank you)