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Re: Animal noises

From:ROGER MILLS <rfmilly@...>
Date:Saturday, October 13, 2007, 17:07
Geoff Horswood wrote:
> >I was attempting to translate one of my 2-year-old's >children's books into Franj, and ran into a bit of a >problem: >Animal noises.... >Anyone want to shate their animal noises in nat- or >conlangs?
This will not help much, since my planet Cindu doesn't have Terran fauna-- in fact, not much fauna at all, so far :-( However, in Kash: ñar 'to roar' [Jar] kruñ ~kukruñ 'to growl' [kruN, 'kukruN] cak 'generic for the "barking" noises made by various lizards; cik, cek more high-pitched, cuk, cok more low-pitched' [tS(a,i,E,u~U,o)k] or with final [?] ñaw(u,o)ñ ~ñuñ 'equiv. of "meow", sound made by the smallest cat-like species' [JawN, JuN] eñe 'bleating sound made by the lopa (sheep/goat analog)' ['eJe] -- also applied to whiny or wheedling speech of humans rondoñ 'low-pitched "purring" sound made by some animals and mechanical devices' ['rondoN] muru-muru 'purring sound, spec. made by some cat-like species' ['muru] There is a cow-like food animal (the kawu [kaw]) whose sound will probably turn out to be something like "um" [u::m:] or maybe "awum" [awm:] Pesky flying insects probably go "ñi" [Ji::] Since there are also small simian-like animals (ult. related to the Gwr), there will be a term for their chattering (?ci [tSi]) then impolitely applied to the sound of Gwr speech.........Conversely, the Gwr term for Kash speech will probably be something like "grumble-grumble" gr-mr-gr-mr [g3r\-m3r\]