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Greek vocabulary question

From:Tim Smith <tim.langsmith@...>
Date:Saturday, October 13, 2007, 16:38
R A Brown wrote:
> Tim Smith wrote: >> R A Brown wrote: > [snip] >>> Yes - tho _metropolis_ actually means "mother city" as maybe you know. >>> >> >> I thought so, but I wasn't sure; it's good to get confirmation. Do >> you know where the "metr-" that means "measure" comes from? > > Greek μέτρον /metron/, with a short _e_, = "measure" [noun] > > "metr-" in English words may come from any of three Greek sources: > > In _metritits_ and _metrorrhagia_ it is from μήτρα /me:tra/ "womb." > > In _metronym_ and _metropolis_ it is from μητήρ /me:te:r/ (genitive: > μητρός /me:tros/) "mother." > > In _meter/metre_, _metric_, _metronome_ etc. it is from μέτρον /metron/ > "measure"
I would guess that /me:te:r/ and /me:tra/ ultimately come from the same Indo-European root (since they both have long "e" and since the semantic connection between "mother" and "womb" is fairly straightforward), but that /metron/ comes from a different source? - Tim


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