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Re: English Only Understood by Female English Speakers?

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Friday, May 3, 2002, 17:34
David Peterson wrote:

> I'd heard this awhile back, and then forgot about it, but then heard it >again, and now I'm intrigued. Apparently there's this lesson or theory in >psychology about how women and men understand language, and to accompany
>is a paragraph which, when passed out to an audience, is perfectly >intelligible to women, but completely incomprehensible to men. Is this
> If so, why? What does Chomsky have to say about this? ;) (Just
>And (most importantly) does anyone have a link to a place where I can find >this mystery text? >
Semi-smartass reply: Isn't Robin Lakoff at UCBerk? Go ask her......(OT I always found Robin a lot more interesting than her husband) Serious answer: Haven't heard about that directly. But the linguist Deborah Tannen (I think it is) has written a couple books on how men and women speak and, often, fail to communicate. It might be discussed there, if in fact it exists.