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CHAT (was Re: Curious finding: conlanging beginning)

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Saturday, July 19, 2003, 4:13
Padraic Brown, replying to Carlos Thompson,  wrote:
> It seems, then, like you have a pinpointed date > for when you started conlanging! (At least, an > _official_ date!) >
I have only an approximate time-period for the beginning of Kash, my first conlang since teen years-- somewhere in the first four months of 1976. I was winding down a dreary year of teaching at an unnamed school, had been reading a lot of SF, and tried to develop a story line of my own. Drew the map of a planet one night (it's on the first page of my website), and worked on the language(s) to go with it. I recently unearthed a folder and notebooks from that era, and recognized my first draft of Kash grammar. It still used a syllabary, allowed Stop-l as well as Stop-r, and allowed diphthongs -ay and -aw both in syllable- and word-final. I found another partial wordlist from sometime in the 80s, a period when I seemed to favor monosyllables. None survive. Work was sporadic until 99, when I got a computer and organized everything in one place, found Langmaker and then (thanks to Pablo Flores) this list, and the rest is history.........