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CHATter: social skills (was Glosa exiles (was Re: ,Language' in language name?)

From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 4, 2001, 6:38
In a message dated 03.12.2001 09:24:17 AM, Ms. Nicole D. (a.k.a.
fuzzybluemonkeys@YAHOO.COM) writes:

>'socialization'? as in actually talking to actual people face to >face? >
Yep... I have found that ConLangers wanna meet more so than Auxlangers. Even overcomin' whatever social anxieties to do so!!! Auxlangers tend to be a lil less sure of themselves (I tried meeting with local Glosa & Interlingua peeps, but they always made last minute excuses &/or change-of-plans, etc.... & one time I did meet with some Auxlangers, but they were these Anarchist-Punk-Hippy Esperantoists from some Baja, Mexico commune & they kinda freaked me out a bit as bein' a LIL bit on the cult-level... go figger...)
>...nicole, who runs and hides from all the scary people who look at >her funny when she does talk and then go on to ask why she doesn't >talk much...
czHANg, scary lookin'(-but-loveable-as-fruitbat) tattooed & scarred-up hoodlum-bookworm ;P who also doesn't talk overly much in real life (..._hombre duro_... only blowhards talk too much... talk is cheap... etc.)