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From:Christopher B Wright <faceloran@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 4, 2001, 3:11
My name is Christopher Wright. I'm fifteen and have been interested in
conlangs for about two years so far. I've been lurking for a few weeks,
trying to post (thanks, Yoon Ha Lee, for helping me), and I have to say
that (humor) you're the craziest group of people that I've ever seen
since I left the institution(/humor).

Though I have been interested in conlangs for two years, I only started
to make languages less than a year ago. My first attempt was miserable,
having no phonology at all and no root system. I had about 200 words, a
system of numbers, and a grammar before I realized my error and decided
to abandon that project. My next language had an alphabet and no syllabic
style, and I didn't like what I had (it was cumbersome).

My first successful language is Sturnan. It's based on Indo-European and
is largely isolating. I chose a moderately restrictive syllabic style.
I'm also working on Runda, an even more restrictive inflectional language
with a small alphabet (13 consonants, 6 vowels; Sturnan has 16 and 7
respectively). I make words by translating the Bible and the works of

"Esei fus naisei; lar esag a paka, ivus huri a kiras esag vamete nolnei a
eifkod ak isud eiko thuna len pertin, fus weltei hasnai henti mora penil,
ak tuldhei suvei len a kata.
Murtei, sevnei; naimeivas; ak molei sol inas tuldhin had sevna a kirapona
ak a gelos therom henisi eiko matones dhitemil; esag laisen sur tral
Murtei, sevnei; sevnei; ven tusei; sel, alin esag a vula len a merte; di
len fo sevna murtail dina tusai fan heldei klein inas punsis fe keru
sunadh deunoth unsa huri inas; alin esag a hendis sol deunan apeno eiko
makir, feilom veila."

To be or not to be; that is the question, whether to the heart (thinking
area) it is better to withstand the stones and arrows of fortune in
anger, or to set weapons against a sea of troubles, and ending them in
the opposition.
To die, to sleep; no more, and to say that we end by sleep the heart-pain
and the thousand natural fears of [the] inheritance of fles; it is an
obsession all should desire.
To die, to sleep; to sleep; maybe to dream; yes, there is the thorn in
the fig; for in that sleep of death what dreams might to come when we
pluck off this broken flesh must give fearful hesitation to us; there is
the fear that gives calamity of long, weary life.

I must say that I do not understand the point of the discussion about the
source of ham. (humor)I thought it was common knowledge that it is an
oddly colored form of the food seen at the end of 2001: A Space

English and a dollar are worth fifty cents.

Christopher Wright


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