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Keywords (was: Re: Browsing at Borders Public Library)

From:taliesin the storyteller <taliesin@...>
Date:Sunday, October 10, 1999, 23:06
* Ed Heil ( [991010 21:17]:
[def. keywords]
> Words which are fairly frequently used, but which are not > translatable easily with a single word -- that have to be explained, > and that convey a concept that is important to the culture. (They > don't have to be words for that concept; they could be interjections > or speech act words that embody that concept -- for example, one of > Weirzbicka's Australian keywords is "shout" meaning to buy a round of > drinks for everyone in the bar... it's significant because it ties in > to a sort of male working-class gift-culture sort of thing.)
/snip/ AFMCL: All of the 'bagwords'; words with a very vague meaning, like utar'a =3D=20 ancient, old in a good sense, balance, a particular shade of light=20 blue, unity/union, a particular form of mindset/behavior/exterior, eternity... pa:n =3D archaic, old in a bad sense, imbalance, decay, a particular shade of dark blue, a particular form of mindset/behavior/exterior, entropy, stagnation... skian =3D=20 the set of all possible variations/possibilities, ambiguity, variation, probability... Other words, echoing like mantras everywhere there are warriors, ca=ECen:= ...=20 ska:ni "maybe, perhaps, possibly" - Used for "goodbye" (incidentally, skian is formed from skani) tar "time" ku=EC "life" rax "change" > 'reged' "evolution" (rax+RESULT) car:a "diversity" - Five words that comprise the meaning of life for many.=20 Others spend eternity seeking utar'a, avoiding pa:n. sa=EC "river" - Name of a meditation-technique War is likened to dancing, weapons are likened to wings, the river is a symbol of both eternity and change, a very utar'a thing indeed. tal. --=20 "Better living through conlanging"