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Re: Keywords (was: Re: Browsing at Borders Public Library)

From:FFlores <fflores@...>
Date:Monday, October 11, 1999, 13:18
Ed Heil <edheil@...> wrote:

> Words which are fairly frequently used, but which are not > translatable easily with a single word -- that have to be explained, > and that convey a concept that is important to the culture.
I think I'm getting it then. Drasel=E9q has a very important concept of 'opening'. _fadhden_: 'to open, to open oneself, to trust, to receive, to allow, to confess, to clean one's soul' From the Enlightenment (a religious revelation), the soul was viewed as a room with multiple doors and windows, that one has to open, lest the air inside becomes foul. The last 2 meanings are therefore more recent; the others existed already prior to the Enlightenment. Another word of this kind could be _du`th_: 'year, cycle, harvesting cycle, round, turn, period, generation, age of the world, the life of a people' The root originally means 'round, circular, coming back to the beginning'. The word, as you see, is singularly ambiguous. A last one, _soimol_: 'gray, whitish, indistinguishable, confused; mist, fog,=20 low clouds in the sea; far and obscure space ahead; difficult to sort out, requiring patience and care' It's a word with a lot of significance for a seafaring people! --Pablo Flores