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Talk: Auxlangs

From:Xun GONG <minus273@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 30, 2004, 13:31
Aiola is just another Lango Auksilara Europina(yes anyone here can
understand this, although this is not of any auxlangs). (I would rather call
it another Latino Sans Flexo)

It has a PHONETIC ALPHABET, which represents the voice of the time the
auxlang is invented. But how about 200y later? Any PHONETIK alphabet will
lost much after 200y. For example French and Manchu(in Manchu all 'r's and
'l's disappeared during 200y)

It has a SIMPLE GRAMMAR and SUFFIXES. 4example Vas become Vintas for perfect
tense. Now all auxlangs has a SUFFIX grammar. (PS: my CONLANG Balono
Lingua's grammar is suffixal(Dyne hongo usa, lue l ua, lite n slipe'a)) Is
aiola special?

DISAMBIGUITY. ...I dont want to talk about this...

FAMILIAR VOCABULARY. I'm a native Chinese speaker. "Aiola uses a word which
is common to at least several of the major Western European languages"
4example, "akwo", looks like 'aqua' or 'agua'. But in chinese it's
'shuei'(North Mando), 'suei'(South Mando, Canto, Shanghai...),
'tsuei'(Hokkien, Taiwanese...). Any of them look like 'akwo'? I dont think so.

"Aiola has four main distinctive features". DISTINCTIVE???

Wai noti un tipo odera de lango auksilara???


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