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Re: Proto-Altaic Phonology (inc. Vowel Harmony)

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Wednesday, July 19, 2000, 10:37
--- BP Jonsson <bpj@...> wrote:

> I downloaded the program in order to check it out, but I could not > unpack > the fonts, in spite of downloading it once from the main site and > once from > the mirror. Could someone who has been more successfull (Danny, > Vasiliy...) perhaps be kind enough to send the fonts to me as a .zip > archive?
Well the file is obviously a self-extracting archive (.exe), and well over 4 Mb in size. I doubt I could send a .zip of all the files in one fell swoop -- I think Yahoo limits attachments to 1 Mb. I'll try and send several .zip files. By the way, make sure you install Starling in the path c:\star\, or else the program won't load up your font files and other files. (It's DOS after all.) DaW. __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Get Yahoo! Mail – Free email you can access from anywhere!