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Language naming terminology

From:Carlos Eugenio Thompson Pinzón <cthompso@...>
Date:Monday, September 21, 1998, 15:55
Countries and people from Europe has many forms to be called themselves.
Some other cases

Sweden, named after the Suedes, one of the two main Germanic people who
lived in todays Sweden (the other was the Goths which, as longer as I know,
are related to the Visigoths).  The name Suede is used today in English.
These two people are called in modern Swedish as Go:te and Svea (o: for o
dieresis) and the name of the country is Sverige from Sveas Rike (Rike like
Reich in German).  In Finish, Sweden is Rotsi and I believe is related to
Russia when some Swedish Vikings travel throw Easter Europe down to the
Black Sea.  Vikings disapeared form the Russian soil but the name remainded.

Austria.  The Hasburg ruled Spain before the Borbons and they where called
Austria House (House of the South, from austral),  The Hasburg then ruled
the Roman-Germanic Sacro Empire.  German had a word for East which is in
today German: O:st (o:ster as an adjective).  So German people chaged the
meaning form austr- (south) into o:ster (east) and then Austria is called
O:sterreich in German (Reich: Empire again).

In the Americas things were somehow different.  Most European cultures
displaced the original ones and the countries were founded after the
dessendens fo Europeans.  History of country naming didn't follow the people
who lived here.  The Taguantinsuyo (I don' t know if it's propperly written)
padsed into European and their desendents culture as Inca Empire after the
Quechua name for Emperor.  But neither Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador or
Colombia is called after Inca or Taguantinsuyo.

I don't know where Peru or Chile came from.

Bolivia was originally called Alto Peru (High Peru), and then named Bolivia
after Simon Bolivar.

Ecuador was originally called Quito, after the city of Quito (whose origin I
don't know).  When Von Humbold came to Province (Still not a Country),
marked that Quito was almost on the Equator line, and the name passed to the
borning Country.

Colombia was firstly called Nueva Granada after Granada Spain.  Francisco
Miranda, a Venezuelan, dreamed that the whole Americas would be an
independent unified Country called Colombia after Christoffer Columbus.
Simon Bolivar, another Venezuelan, took the Idea, but narrowed it to only
some provinces, and emancipated this countries from Spain.  He founded a
Country named Colombia or Gran Colombia unifying the Capitania of Venezuela,
the Viceroi(...) of Nueva Granada, and the Province of Quito.  Gran Colombia
didn't survive the death of Bolivar, and three independent countries were
born.  My country name changed then from Nueva Granada, to Confederacion
Granadina to Estados Unidos de Colombia to Republica de Colombia.

Venezuela where named after Venecia.

The Unided States of America where founded when thirteen province
emancipated form England.  They wanted some authonomy them between so they
didn't found a centraliced Country but a Union.  Their name: United States.
Because United States is a generic, and ther has been in Americas' history
Mexican United States, United States of Colombia and United States of
Brasil, the Northamerican Union, who had no name of their own, took the name
of the continent: The United States of America, with the adjective American
_stoled_ from all we other Americans.

Curiosity: America was named after Amerigo Vespucci, who travel to South
America and drawed a map.  He found out that this was a new continent and
not the East Indians as Columbus believed.  In some olther maps Northamerica
is also called Colombia and Southamerica is simply called America.

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