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Re: Sick?

From:ROGER MILLS <rfmilly@...>
Date:Saturday, January 19, 2008, 5:46
David Peterson wrote:
>How about this (inspired by the post's title): Anyone got a word >for "gezundheit" or "bless you" in your conlangs?
FWIW, in Indonesian, one says (or traditionally said) "kur semangat!" when someone sneezed. Kur -- is the cry used to call chickens Semangat -- means 'soul' So more or less "Here, soul!" or maybe, "Come back, soul" :-)))) I imagine the Kash have a "Spirit (or demon) of sneezes" whom one must placate. In addition to
>that, what's the deal with coughing? We, as humans, say things >when people sneeze, but nothing when someone coughs?
Eh, quién sabe? What's
>the deal with that? And do any of your languages have a reply >to be used when someone coughs? I created one once, but I don't >know if it was a good idea...
Well, during cold season, there's a lot of coughing, and perhaps we simply got tired of saying "Bless you" or somesuch every five minutes.......... Thanks to the cold I caught in Fla., I've been beset with horrible phlegmy coughing spasms. I had one the other night with our Bridge group, at which one of the ladies said, "Well, you sure brought that up....." Aaack. Too shaming.