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Sex (was Re:Picnic)

From:Anthony M. Miles <theophilus88@...>
Date:Saturday, September 23, 2000, 2:21
> >> How *do* various languages present sex? > >Sex is not an out-of-the-ordinary topic of conversation. You would > >probably be thought tedious if you talked about it a lot (much like > >someone who goes on about their job or their car in our world.)
On the Island, sex
>The verb "taris" means to have sex with. It can be intransitive: > >Árjun iaüj tarisis. (Arjun and I had sex.) > >Or it can be transitive, carrying with it a connotation of the ergative >being the top and the absolutive being the bottom: > >Árjunar tarisi ian. (Arjun had sex with me, or, Arjun penetrated me.) >Ian tarisi Árjunar. (Quite clear: I bottomed for Arjun.) > >There are also a few more specific verbs, such as: > >úiar (penetrate with a penis; literally, probe or sound) >dor (penetrate with a finger; literally, prod) >tespa (penetrate with an object; literally, exercise a skilled trade) >elyú (penetrate with a tongue, or lick) >zego (be penetrated by; literally, surround) > >These can be combined with nouns for body parts for even greater >specificity: > >poðu "anus" + dor = poðu'dor "finger-fuck" >añui "vagina" + elyú = añui'elyú "perform cunnilingus on" >aisk "mouth" + úiar = aisk'úiar "be fellated by" > >etcetera. Note that these are the meanings for transitive verbs; >intransitively, as with "taris", they do not specify active/passive. >Compare: > >Árjunar poðu'úiari ian. (Arjun buggered me.) >Árjun iaüj poðu'úiaris. (Arjun and I had anal sex.) > >As they say in Shrislyaria: > >T'taris suiand ñasui, ju t'taris kotauard is'modat sui. >"Good sex is really good, and bad sex is still pretty good."
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