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Re: Has Anyone Ever Heard of This Person?

Date:Monday, March 15, 2004, 20:12
David Peterson scripsit:

> It's a professor's homepage who has essays on Esperanto, Klingon and > Lojban (well, an entire essay devoted to Lojban, and then I think > two on constructed languages in general). Anyway, I'm always curious > when I find people writing about created languages who aren't language > creators and of whom I've never heard.
Robin Turner is an expatriate Briton living in Turkey; he's one of the authors of the most recent Lojban textbook, along with Nick Nicholas. -- "But the next day there came no dawn, John Cowan and the Grey Company passed on into the darkness of the Storm of Mordor and were lost to mortal sight; but the Dead followed them. --"The Passing of the Grey Company"