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first sentence in eestaak

From:bnathyuw <bnathyuw@...>
Date:Monday, January 13, 2003, 16:56
i've posted a couple of things about eestaak, but
given no examples of sentences yet. so here one is :

alphabetic : embehig taraheNke eveb paazda
phonemic : embekeg tarakenske beb paratda
syllabic : e°`.ge° be`.be
analytic : embe-ke-g tarak-ens-ke b-e-b parat-da
interlinear : me-ABL-me* talk-PART-ABL go-+-1SING
phonetic : ['\i.t:a.4a.'X\,vEf.'pa:z.da]
translations : once i had finished speaking i went

* the final g of |embeheg| is part of the root
postponed to the end of the word
+ marks a thematic vowel : |o| if the 3rd person is
involved, |e| otherwise

as i'm male, |embehig| has unmarked masculine gender.
|taraheNke| is feminine because of the rules of

this is the colloquial form, which uses the ablative
of a participial phrase to express 'after . . . '. a
more formal version would use a complex case (
basically a prepositional infix ) :

embekuhug taraheNkoku eveb paazda
embekokog tarakenskoko beb paratda
e°.be.ko.ko`.go°.se.ko.ko be`.be pa.ra`.ta.da
embe-ko-ko-g tarak-ens-ko-ko b-e-b parat-da
me-when-ABL-me talk-PART-when-ABL go-+-1SING house-DAT

to express 'because i had finished speaking i went
home', a different infix would be used :

embotihig tarahentotiki . . .
embotekeg tarakensoteke . . .
e°`.ge° . . .
embe-ote-ke-g tarak-ens-ote-ke . . .
me-because-ABL-me talk-PART-because-ABL . . .
[',X\i.t:a.4a.X\ _ _ _]

can anyone forsee any problems with a system like this
? any examples of suc- or unsuccessful embedding of
clause types in noun cases ?


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