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Re: Revised sketch of Old Albic now on FrathWiki

From:Mark J. Reed <markjreed@...>
Date:Friday, February 17, 2006, 21:37
On 2/17/06, Jörg Rhiemeier <joerg_rhiemeier@...> wrote:
> Thanks! I have fixed that. I knew that the characters exist, but didn't > remember the codes.
I keep a copy of NamesList.txt from the Unicode database (a free download from the website) handy for looking things like that up. Once you get the hang of the naming convention it's really easy to find characters with a text search. (And if you have Perl installed, then you have a copy already in the "unicore" subdirectory of your main system Perl library). On my Mac, for instance: $ grep -i " o with stroke and acute" /System/Library/perl/5.8.6/unicore/NamesList.txt 01FE LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O WITH STROKE AND ACUTE 01FF LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH STROKE AND ACUTE -- Mark J. Reed <markjreed@...>