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newbie here, joined a year or two ago but i have not posted

From:Steven E. Barbaro <aourhgad@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 29, 2004, 15:58
Hello, I joined last year or maybe the year prior too that but I was busy
with real life stuff so I never got a chance to even post really.

so just imagine me as a newcomer lol because that is what I am.

4 years ago I realized that secret codes i made were still in english so i
designed one of my first and most complete languages.

i call it Ägsen Scörën
it has gone thru many changes since including some integrel part of the
grammer which in reality has formed an ancient and new style of it.

a sample sentence i can use too showi suppose is one of my favorite
saying's in the world i have made to go with it.

too say goodbye to somone really really polite would be too say this

"Möre löftën dön lülsëb cëmot."

english translation, "I pray the light to always guide your path"

this is very very polite and you would be honored to have somone say it
too you because the people that speak this particular language refer to
their god as "the light of time" so in essence they are wishing god to
watch over you.

i won't go into detail about much as of right now but really i dont like
my first language because its closer to a code end. another language thats
in very early stages is one building off of this but more latin esque
structure then this particular language uses.

another language i was working on is a future english which is kind of

D'ou-ha th'do?

"Do you hate the dog?"

yet more languages i am working on( I cant seem to stick too one) is a
language entirely out of combining adjectives too describe the noun. gets
a bit frustrating after a while. i guess its best not too use too many
details in that language hehe. there are more but they are failed
examples. i have not been working on much because i am concentrating on
passing my japanese class.

hmm i guess a last silly sentance i can make without my notes here is

"Nocote ïngotöbotävën "

sort of a long combination, only time it gets that long

translation, "I hate the islanders"