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Re: Another Russian Question

From:Dan Seriff <microtonal@...>
Date:Friday, September 14, 2001, 3:07
on 9/13/01 9:30 PM, Colin Halverson at CHalvrson@AOL.COM wrote:

> Well, now that I just started German-hey I'm only 14- I am really interested > in learning other languages, and for one reason or another my number one > priority is Russian. > > So if anyone knows Russian and doesn't mind me bothering them I would be > interested in learning some basic phrases (like "my name is...," one thru > ten, "where are you...," etc.).
From what I remember from high school: "my name is..." Menya zovut ... [mEnjA zOvut] "where are you?" "Gde tï?" [g.djE ti-] For that [g.d] crasis, there are two clear beats, but no vowel in between. The [i-] is the barred lowercase i, and open central vowel. numbers: 1 odin [@din] 2 dva [dvA] 3 tri [t4i] 4 chtiri [tS@ti4i-] 5 pyat' [pjAt.] (t. is a palatalized consonant) 6 shest' [Sest.] 7 syem' [sjEm.] 8 vosyem' [vosjEm.] 9 dyevat' [djEv@t.] 10 dyesat' [djEs@t.] Keep in mind, however, that I learned my Russian from a hispanic woman from Detroit who also taught Spanish. I'm usually pretty good with getting the pronunciation right, but my Russian may not be representative of a native speaker. ;) Daniel Seriff Honesty means never having to say "Please don't flush me down the toilet!" - Bob the Dinosaur When the ratings go up, it's like the whole world is made of donuts. - Brak