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Re: Another Russian Question

From:Peter Ramsey <p.r.ramsey@...>
Date:Friday, September 14, 2001, 13:53
There are several ways to say "my name is:" Menya zovut [meenYAH zaVOOT]
(literally me they_call) is one. Another is Ya nazyvayus [yah nazyVAIyoos]
litterally I call_myself) I have also heard Moyo imye - Peter [mahYOH
EEMyah - Peter] (litterally my name Peter - Russian lacks a copula)

One to ten is:

odin [uhDYEEN]
dva [dvah]
tri [tree]
chetyre [cheTEEre[
pyat' [pyatch - the "t" is palatalized, so it is not truly "ch," but more
the "t" in "I'll let you - letya."]
shest' [shestch - that same "t" again]
syem' [syem']
vosyem [vosyem]
dyevyat' [DYEvyatch - that "t" again]
dyesyat' [DYEsyatch]

Russian is a great language and my favorite of the ones I know. This
website, which another member of the list posted earlier, is an excellent

Good luck, Peter
"Svoystvo palacha nahoditsya pochti v kazdom sovremennom cheloveke" - F. M.
"The soul of an executioner can be found in every contemporary man."
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Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2001 7:30 PM
Subject: Another Russian Question

> Well, now that I just started German-hey I'm only 14- I am really
> in learning other languages, and for one reason or another my number one > priority is Russian. > > So if anyone knows Russian and doesn't mind me bothering them I would be > interested in learning some basic phrases (like "my name is...," one thru > ten, "where are you...," etc.). > > Bis morgen, Colin > > "Da guergeth a voltshin a veitith a beurtaa."


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