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Sturnan words

From:Christopher B Wright <faceloran@...>
Date:Saturday, March 2, 2002, 16:17
I was going through my Sturnan lexicon and noted a few funny things.
First, "speedy" and "affixed" are represented by the same word, even
though they are partial antonyms.
Second, the word for Earth, the place where people and trees and such
are, is Erdhom, but a word for "high" is "eredh". (The sky is Kidhom,
"above world", and the word for heaven is Iludhem, "on high world".
Erdhom means literally "this world".)
"Ilker" means "liver (the organ)", and "Iker" is the name of the main god
worshipped by the people who speak Sturnan (the Ifenians). Also, "ik"
means "my" and "iher" means "year".
"Ruino", the word for "mystery, secret", is related to "Runda", the name
of the main language of Erdhom (where these languages are spoken).
There was an empire called the Samanan Empire while it existed; "saman"
means "old".
I translated "Sky Father" as "Menga Vospe", Great Fool. Some people in
forn parts believe in a sky father, but they're mostly people in small
villages who have shamans spit on them to cure what ails them.
"Menga" is "great"; "mengei" is "to weave", and "mangu" is "young

Of course, that's only staying within the language. If I went into
English, there would be a lot more. For instance, "to whirl" is "dervei",
related to "dervish", a type of Sikh, IIRC, often called a "whirling
dervish". Also, the word for "light in weight" is "limo".

Chris Wright


Clint Jackson Baker <litrex1@...>