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Re: Case?

From:Muke Tever <alrivera@...>
Date:Sunday, January 27, 2002, 0:13
From: "Roger Mills" <romilly@...>
>>As for needing it... If your language can use adjectives substantively, you >>should be able to use the 3rd person adjective in the same place. >> >>For example, (this is 'pseudocodelang'): >> >> dó a eius su gat >> give.I to 3P 3P-ADJ cat >> "I give them their cat" >> >> dó a eius el su >> give.I to 3P ART 3P-ADJ >> "I give them theirs" >Some sort of proto-conRomance? ;-)
Actually sort of a post-conSpanish ;) Just a few minor changes: loss of syllable-final 's' [replaced by circumflex in roots, but retained spelled silently in inflections--'eius' is /EjU/], loss of final vowels, simplification of some vowels, a little more phonetic spelling and whatever grammar is necessary to the situation :p Me yam Muke, y me gût êtuyar la lingüîtic! Or, more babeliciously: El mund enter er de un lengo y las mîmas palabras.
>Reminiscent of Spanish: les di el suyo, >not (IIRC) *les di suyo. However, es mio/tuyo/suyo etc. 'it's mine...' is >OK (?). How about "este libro es el mio" 'this book [there are several ] is >mine' (?)-- not sure about that.
I think that's decently correct [Not sure either though, but that's the example I almost used.] *Muke! --