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Re: 519 [vEd'jani] - written in Arabic numerals

From:Jake X <starvingpoet@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 26, 2003, 22:47
[majk ElIs r\out]

> Jake X <starvingpoet@...> wrote: > > >8589 074 8 /259 044. > > Likewise. I think?
It means, roughly, my work is under your eyes.
> <la....SUT!>
> >825 074 < 858 519 > >devodade nogadavagi gin devedave vedjani > >joy-present placeholder-1stp-modifyer because/out-of write-inf.
> >I am glad to be writing Vedjani. > > This is very cool. You have to explain this more!
OK, here goes: 825 is the present form of the static verb of happiness or joy. In Vedjani, static verbs have no subjects or objects so to say that the joy is mine I have to use a pronoun modifyer, which will always begin with 0-. 7 (in some positions) signifies the first person, and -4 makes a word a modifyer. So 074 basically means my or "of me." So far: is-happy my The less than sign gin < means out of or because of. The first part of the sentence is a direct consequence of the second part. 858 - infinitive to write. 519 - Vedjani, or litterally "words." I used the number meaning to my advantage for singulars and plurals, so -1 is singular and -9 is plural, the smallest and largest digits. 511 (vedjaja) is a word, while 519 (vedjani) is language or words. Incidentally, you can also specify the exact number of something at the end of the word, using a decimal point. For example, 51.203 is two hundred and three words.
> >04.99.4 648! > >nogigajoninijogi sonigave! > > It sure is efficient. You're condensing very long words down to only a few > symbols. There'd be a lot of potential to use this language for sending > coded messages.
No, because there is only a very limited number of possible syllables in pronunciation, and the rules are strict. Not any syllable can be pronounced in any position. I really like the way such a long-winded language (even simple words can be in excess of 6 and 7 syllables) is written so concisely. Our conscripters may think I'm using unoriginal material, but I like the idea of being able to type it in ASCII without contriving some anglicized spelling outside of the conscript. Jake P.S. Thanks in general for the compliments... just food for my ego! :-)