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519 [vEd'jani] - written in Arabic numerals

From:Jake X <starvingpoet@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 26, 2003, 12:27
8589 074 8 /259 044.

My previous posts on various language projects
haven't got that much response... so I'll refrain from
an exhaustive description of grammar, etc.

Let it suffice to say that 519 [vEd'jani] has basically
10 phonemes, plus a score of various symbols, all in
ASCII (because I didn't feel like making a third system
of writing, in ASCII, since I already have the number system
and its pronunciation).

The pronunciation of each digit is determined by
a table of pronunciations, which varies depending
on initial/medial / final position in a word.  There
are rules and exception for when you pronounce digits
finally in medial position, etcetera.

The phonology is very limited.  The consonants consist
of only j, v, d, g, n, and s.  The vowels are a, E, i, and o.
Everything pretty much like IPA.

825 074 < 858 519
devodade nogadavagi gin devedave vedjani
joy-present placeholder-1stp-modifyer because/out-of write-inf. word-plural
I am glad to be writing Vedjani.

04.99.4 648!
nogigajoninijogi sonigave!