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The NEW Kayasahtan Characters

From:J. Burke <rtoennis@...>
Date:Wednesday, April 1, 2009, 6:55
When I posted my syllabary a few days back, I accidentally linked to an old
version of the characters.  This was the original message, which describes how the
writing system works:

Below are links to the new, current version of the syllabary:

In the current version, the symbols make more visual sense, I think, and they're
more stylistically consistent; the symbols for similar sounds look more alike,
without being too similar and without the whole system being featural per se.
Series I and II, the stops/affricate and the nasals, are open curves; Series III,
the fricatives, have single loops; and Series IV, the liquid and semivowels, have
two loops.  Which orientations represent which vowels have also changed; the
default (+a) direction is now northward, as opposed to westward.  There's a
cultural reason for that particular change, but it'd take a while to explain.