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Re: Weekly Vocab # (repost #1)

From:GV Pieterson <kyrawertho@...>
Date:Monday, March 5, 2007, 18:44
Neimalu translation:

> 1. to pronounce -- braðos destüramed - to speak in such a manner > Those people pronounce everything oddly.
Watudu aša kal-aš destüra-med egjeþja-s brað-ég people that all-GEN manner-INSTR odd-DAT speak-EVD
> 2. to agglutinate -- žinþos oþjar - glue/stick words > Finnish agglutinates a lot.
Þenska-malu-med in pretsat žinþos oþj-ar Finnish-language-INSTR 'one' much to_glue word-GEN
> 3. to conjugate -- ? > He conjugates his verbs superbly.
destüra braðöþ-öt jon skum nüma-š mal-us éþos manner speak\ACC by him-DAT rule-GEN language-POSS follow
> 4. syntax -- tekoþ oþjexöt - composition of sentence > Some dialects change syntax.
gabu-malu agja teköþ-n oþjex-öt stilos region-language some composition\GEN sentence-GEN change
> 5. morpheme -- lašastöka (oþjöt) - shape-piece (of a word) > There are two morphemes in "head cold".
„retsa” deþja lašastöka banlos "cold" two morphemes contain
> 6. refuse -- trau > Refuse is building up in the city.
trau tsümegos ban mj-ar junk build_up in city-GEN
> 7. stench -- liketeroþ xrebja > The stench is horrible.
liketeroþ xrebja ez-droxos smell bad be-horrible
> 8. to flinch -- tandos > I flinch whenever I pass a midden.
þuaða-med tande méðan kéle éstu-xalta face-INSTR flinch-1ps while pass-I manure-hill
> 9. to play (instrument) -- plaždos (use) > I play a lyre for rich men of the city.
galguwala-š bé plažd-e dei it-um xöstra-s mj-ant lyre-GEN HAB use-I for person-DAT rich-DAT city-ALL
> 10. proud -- selvparexu (self-honor: pride) > They are overbearingly proud, but they also pay well.
selvparex-r ein-obux-old dem kjüm-old beat pride-GEN have-too_much-they but pay-they enough triskaidekaphobia: štideiratinjoþ št-i-deira-tinjoþ 10-and-3-fear ACC - accusative ALL - allative GEN - genitive DAT - dative EVD - evidential HAB - habitual INSTR - instrumental