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Re: Sim SIty (was: Cartography)

From:Josh Roth <fuscian@...>
Date:Thursday, May 20, 1999, 22:11
In a message dated 5/20/1999 9:41:09 AM, bbetty@GLAD.ORG writes:

>Sally Caves wrote: "Is "SimCity" still available as a game? I used to >have >a DOS version, but I never installed it since I switched to windows soon >after." > >Yep, you can get it for windows or for Sony PlayStation! > >BB
There are several different versions of SimCity: SimCity Classic and Simcity=20 2000 are both out for Macintosh and Windows (I have 2000 for Mac), and=20 Simcity 3000 has been out since (I think) February for Windows and should be=20 out in July :-( for Macs. There are some out for various video game systems, but I'm not sure of the=20 details.=20 It's a great game, but not perfect for making cities to go along with your=20 conworld=97it is very limited. I tried to do this once for a city called =C7= i=E7=DFu,=20 and it came out nice, but not the way I had envisioned it. Something I would really like is a program that lets you make 3-D planets an= d=20 zoomable maps, and figures out weather patterns based on the latitude and th= e=20 location & size of bodies of water, mountains, etc. (I learned how to do all=20 that a few years ago back in eighth grade, but I don't remember much of it=20 and it's too complicated for me!). Any good programmers out there? :-)
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