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Re: Weekly Vocab #2.1.14 (repost #1)

From:caeruleancentaur <caeruleancentaur@...>
Date:Saturday, April 7, 2007, 2:59
1. chin = smoxros
That man just broke my chin!
mhirus musïo smoxrom verdzu senüa: break-SUP finish-IND

2. shirt = stenmhesos (chest-garment)
Now there's blood on my shirt.
nuu musïo stenmhesoşo eva esros vuula:
now on there-is.

3. vowel = süevsüenos (soft-sound)
Of course, I can't say (any of) this, since I can only pronounce (=
distinct-speak) one vowel with a broken jaw.
saamuâ€"mus mhaati verdzato qelunosïo mheela oi süensüevom soolvi
dileegu maaqaâ€"mus dom eegu maaqa ne:
of.course, since break-PAT.PART with one vowel- pronounce-SUP, say-SUP not

4. to cause = mhaata, to incite = tüesa
This has incited me to throw the man around the room.
dos telpom amva mhirom mum simtu tætüesa: around throw-SUP

I'm not satisfied with this.  Can't separate the supine from the
finite verb, but direct objects are placed immediately before their
verbs.  Thus, mum before tüesa and mhirom before simtu. Any

5. weak (dim) = lenis; weak (feeble) = livis
Of course, I am too weak to do so.
saamu mus ĸorĸævi livus daalu mherdzu esa:
of.course too so do-SUP be-IND

6. pain = cormos
To the pain in my chin is added the pain of broken ribs.
verdzato revïosïo cormos musïo smoxroşo cormoşo mhooga:
break-PAT.PART pain-

7. faith = ejas
I have faith, though, that I will be miraculously healed.
ejas saamiâ€"mum dizvi jeeĸaþum taaluâ€"muÅŸ' o esa: though miracle-ADV heal-PAT.PART become-SUP I- to be-IND

8. to reward = perta
After one week, it has become apparent that God does not reward
people for  losing brawls.
oi diimhjaşo posa diijum veeqon ħaju anta leuðum pertu ne ĸüeĸos
one after lose-SUP for people- lose-SUP not REDUP~become-IND

9. offense = degos
Still, I meant no offense in likening his girlfriend to Regis
tendu mus nusïo iiviilum somu ħo Regis Philbinæ neemhħa degom per
mina ne:
still liken-SUP by Regis
Philbin to PAST.PTCL mean-IND not

10. sympathy
You'd think God would have some sympathy for that reason.
semus naaru sema sunutas diijosï' o eso mino: for.that.reason some to
be-SUBJ think-SUBJ