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Re: Relative clauses in Ikanirae Seru

From:Isaac Penzev <isaacp@...>
Date:Monday, April 28, 2003, 7:28
Roger Mills ikrí:

> Yitzik wrote: > > > Jake X ikrí: > > > > > Yitzig hat geschrieben: (snip) > > > > > Jake, it was not me! The quotation in German comes from our respected > colleague > > Roger Mills. Pls, be more attentive when you quote. IIRC it's not the > first > > time. > > > Quite so, and I should have spoken up sooner. I suspect Yitzik is quite > capable of writing very proper German, as I am not. In class, 35 or so > years ago, I could, but aside from that, I now have only a (fading) reading > knowledge (preferably linguistic material) and tend to gloss over little > details like cases and verb position. If necessary, I can parse a sentence, > but usually a rough estimate from context is good enough.
Ah, that's a kind of exaggeration about me. I know very little German in spite of my numerous attempts to learn it. So in this discussion I had to consult with my dear wife Elena who lived and worked in Germany for a while, and is a professional philologist too, with German as her FL1. ~~~~~~Yitzik~~~~~~