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Re: OT: First text in Agsem

From:yl-ruil <yl-ruil@...>
Date:Saturday, February 5, 2000, 12:46
Ed Heil euecuet:

> Since I was talking specifically about pronunciation (the > monopthongization of 'ae'), I have to say that you have just agreed > with me while trying to disagree. > yl-ruil wrote: > > > Ed Heil euecuet: > > > > > It's not just Church Latin, man; it was all over by the late Empire. > > > Heck, Julian the Apostate probably spoke that way, or close to it! :) > > > > No it wasn't. _Vulgar_ Latin (or Romance) was spoken in europe at this > time. > > Compared to Vulgar Latin, Church Latin was gramatically remarkably pure, > > with most changes being in pronunciation. > > > > Dan >
It's merely a matter of nomenclature. We are linguists, and by nature rather pedantic people ;). After all, who else could sit and come up with tables of verb conjugation and suchlike? Dan