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Re: The English/French counting system (WAS:numbersystemsfromconlangs)

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 17, 2003, 5:51
Nik Taylor wrote:

> Tristan McLeay wrote: > > You mean leaves of deciduous(sp?) trees? or native ones? (As far as I > > know, all Australian trees are evergreen, but foreign ones do leave all > > their leaves in Winter here.) > > I don't know which trees were native and which weren't. But, the > deciduous trees lost only a small fraction of their folliage in autumn. >
At least in urbanized South Florida, there are hardly any native trees, and most of the imported species are turning out to be disasters (Melaleuca and Brazilian pepper are taking over the Everglades and drink heavily; the roots of Banyan and other Ficus spp. head straight for underground water and sewer pipes.) There are a few Live Oaks, which do better in Central Fla. and further north; and a native Mahogany tree, which is deciduous usually around March (especially so if stressed by drought or a hard freeze in Dec/Jan) but also is producing new growth at the same time it's dropping. So it has a lighter, less dense appearance, but never totally bare.