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fkoehyr znu eorsvi! (and unable to post to the list by e-mail)

From:Robert Wilson <hotaru@...>
Date:Tuesday, February 1, 2005, 22:17
i'm not sure how many people here remember me... my old e-mail address was
"fkoehyr znu eorsvi!" means "i have returned!" in my current conlang, which
is called ebhiamxg (pronounced ['m&n.di]). "fkoehyr znu eorsvi!" is of
course pronounced ['mA.gAn 'jo.nEm].
also, i have a message board i set up for discussion about conlanging if
anyone wants to use it... it's

i tried posting this message twice yesterday by e-mail, but apparently it
didn't go through to the list... i also sent a message to about the problem and have not received
any response... i'm posting now from the web interface.

robert wilson (aka hotaru)

Version: 3.1
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W+++ N-- !o K--- w O- M-- V- PS+ PE+++ Y+ PGP+ t+(*) 5 X++ R+ tv-- b++++
DI+++ D+ G++++ e* h! r-- y-


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