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USAGE: CHAT Re: USAGE: Words for fungi (mushrooms/toadstools/champignons/etc)

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 2, 2005, 0:49
H. S. Teoh wrote:

> Hmm. To me, "mushroom" may also include [non-umbrella-shaped] fungi > fruiting > bodies as well, as long as they are "close enough" in shape. E.g., > chanterelles are trumpet-shaped, yet I'm sure most people would agree > they qualify as "mushrooms".
An umbrella that the wind has blown inside out??
> <ObConlang> In Tatari Faran,...There's also a kind of giant edible > mushroom in Fara, like > the giant version of the portobello, called _buneis_ [bu"nejs], > growing up to 3-4 feet in diameter, >
A long time ago, in Buenos Aires, I patronized what had to be the city's MOST popular Italian restaurant-- a huge barn of a place, almost like an aircraft hangar, always packed, cheap, with super-sized portions (even by Argentine standards, I think). Anyway, across the back wall was a wonderful mural of happy peasants bringing in the harvest-- one person was struggling with one bunch of huge grapes, another with a single huge artichoke etc. etc. and my favorite, a smiling figure weighted down with one huge mushroom slung over his shoulder. (It was, however, just a plain old White Button.) Don't recall Vesuvio or Etna lurking in the background, but perhaps.......
> I avoid the term "toadstool", since it's inaccurate and carries the > wrong connotations. I use "mushroom" for all parasol fruiting bodies > of fungi, as well as fungi that are "close enough" to being parasol > shaped. So I'd consider chanterelles and morels as mushrooms, but > puffballs and sulfur shelves I'd just call fungi unless I qualify what > exactly I mean by "mushroom".
Hear, hear! I once went morel hunting with a friend, and kidded him endlessly about looking for toadstools. He got tired of that.