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Re: Barclay: was The Relay Game.

From:andrew <hobbit@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 8, 1999, 4:38
Am 12/06 09:43  Sally Caves yscrifef:
> > What did you think of Barclay in last week's Voyager episode? > > > And that's ANOTHER THING! <G> We've begged our local cable company to > support Voyager. It doesn't! Voyager is on channel 40, and we can't > get it in Rochester unless we unplug the cable and set up an antenna. > So I haven't been watching Voyager for a year, and I didn't even know > that Barclay was on again until after the event!! I was so cheesed!
The previous season has only just started playing in NZ so it will probably be a year or more before I see that episode. And Barclay is one of my favourite ST characters too, sigh! Still they will probably play the last season of DS9 which hasn't played here yet in between the two Voyager series - which in my opinion is a good thing. - andrew. -- Andrew Smith, Intheologus "Piskie, Piskie, say Amen Doon on your knees and up agen." "Presbie, Presbie, dinna bend; Sit ye doon on mon's chief end." - Attributions unknown.