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Re: Adjectives and ordinal numbers

From:Jonathan Knibb <j_knibb@...>
Date:Friday, February 28, 2003, 18:53
John Cowan <cowan@...> wrote:
"Second" is odd too, being a metaphor from the Latin participle "secundus" = "following". The original Latin and English forms were "alter" and "other", which still survive for non-ordinal purposes; it's quite a coincidence that "secundus" displaced "alter", and then a millennium later its French descendant "seconde" displaced "other". <<< Perhaps one of the Swedish speakers would like to comment on Sw. "foersta, *andra*, tredje" in this context? It must surely be cognate with the German "andere" = other (and maybe even "alter" as well??)? Did "andra" re-displace a "second" cognate, or was it simply never displaced itself? Jonathan. 'O dear white children casual as birds, Playing among the ruined languages...' Auden/Britten, 'Hymn to St. Cecilia'


John Cowan <jcowan@...>