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Sidestepping.. Vowels and combinations

From:Steve Cooney <stevencooney@...>
Date:Sunday, February 1, 2004, 23:24
I had thought along the lines you're talking about before - but I focused on the
vowels first, and a way to limit them morphophonically. I put together some
work with a couple simple vowel charts:
The basic idea is to map vowels and their unions to a circular chart, giving
representations to each of these combinations. The inner circle is just an
attempt to show where some English words fit in the circle - the schwa
represented the most neutral, colorless vowel sound.

For each vowel sound represented in the outer rings, a sound, make a symbol, based
on a simplified vowel charachters: These are a quick hack - not with the
character and detail I would like - (Ive got some sketches somewhere...)

Steven Cooney

--- Gary Shannon  wrote:
> > 10,000 syllables?
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