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CHAT: Hello

From:Tim Judge, Erion Telepalda <judget@...>
Date:Monday, March 26, 2001, 21:32
      Hi I just signed on to this list, and after lurking for a very short
time (less then a day) I have decided to introduce myself. I am still in
high school and study french as my language (although my teacher is horrible
and I know more tlhinganHol then French despite the fact that I studied it
for about 5 months three years ago).
      I recently got interested in conlangs after finishing "the Hobbit",
"the Lord of the Rings", and "the Silmarilion" (which should be simply
Silmarilion). I was interested in the Eldarin tongues, which started me on
making my own language; Bírhrhalin. It is a language that uses English for
it's base language, however it is spoken on another planet about 4,000 years
in the future so it turns out to be more of a priori then anything else. I
am still working on the grammar and most of all the lexicon.

PS: "Erion Telepalda" is Quenya and if you can translate it then you should
probably know that I was deppressed when I came up with it. He was the
speaker in an attempt and a poem in Quenya, but I liked the sound of it and
used it as a character name in an RPG so I added it to my name.

Salut! (Français)
Orelë! (Bírhrhalin [my own language])
Namárië! (Quenya)
Farewell! (English)
Qa'pla'! (tlhingHol)

Tim Judge
Erion Telepalda

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